Why does construction seem to slow down in the winter?

In climates like Oklahoma’s, we really shouldn’t see a major slow down in construction during the winter months. And, we certainly build homes all year round. But, we do have to watch the weather and keep some things under consideration when building during the coldest months of the year. Here’s a few:

Freezing temperatures can impact foundation
We must pay attention to freezing temperatures when building. We can’t have any frozen water or frost accumulate on an excavated ground or involved in any of the foundation work, so we watch our construction schedule to make sure we handle this particular part of construction during warmer days. Thermal blankets can be used during long stretches of freezing weather, but Oklahoma usually doesn’t have extremely long stretches of freezing weather.

It can be difficult to predict start dates or completion dates of subcontractors
Construction also can seem to slow because the colder weather can make it more difficult for different sub contractors to finish their portion of the work during colder months as quickly. With more moisture possible and colder temperatures guaranteed, it’s harder to predict start and finish dates with construction centered in winter months.

Days are shorter and contractors cannot work as long hours as summer months.
The sun has a strict bedtime in the winter, and that stops most work earlier than warmer months of the year. This can slow down your contractors, making jobs take a few days longer than it would in the spring and summer.

Good news: Many contractors are more available in colder months, meaning you can scoop them on when you’re ready
Since construction does seem to slow down for many, if you’re construction schedule has you plowing through winter, you might enjoy the benefits of scheduling contractors eager for work and available when you need them. And, if you can time your construction schedule to dovetail where all your outside construction is finished and all interior work is left, you work schedule will not be impacted nearly as much as the work will be indoors.

The short answer is that a quality homebuilder doesn’t need to slow down in cold months – they just adjust, prepare and know that the project might be slowed due to factors outside of their control (snow storms, shorter daylight hours, rain delays). Work with your builder to make sure you understand their expectations of how winter construction should go. Or call us to let us answer any other questions you might have about winter construction.