What truly sets us apart is our process.

We have intentionally and deliberately created our process for home building for our clients in a different way than most other home builders in the OKC metro area.

First, we sit down with our clients and spend a lot of time discussing their needs and wants and likes and dislikes in a home.

We review Pinterest boards and go through vendor websites. We flip through catalogs and meet with suppliers together. In other words, we plan together, before the first shovel is moved, what our client's entire house will look like. From faucets and flooring to paint colors and door knobs, our clients know with confidence what they are getting before they even begin.


Of course, we can and will make changes along the way as our clients' needs or tastes change. But, we find this pre-selection process to be incredibly helpful for two reasons: First, the homeowner can get a clear picture of what the home will be when completed. But secondly, and more importantly, we lock in the prices of all these items early, giving a real-time, accurate picture of the budget at every step of the process. This gives our clients piece of mind, knowing that not only have they selected items they love, but they have selected it all within the budget they want to stay within.

From there, we work with the client to build the house they created utilizing the efficiencies and savings we have from our experience and relationship with industry vendors and suppliers.

Since we are a cost-plus-percentage builder, we are constantly looking for lower-priced supplies, and that means we pass the savings onto our clients. We're looking to build quality, unique homes that meet the needs -- and dreams -- of our clients. And, we believe our process is a great showcase of that philosophy.